about marie

My soul fulfillment in this lifetime comes from helping others harness their true authentic selves, by releasing the unseen bondages that tether them to unhappiness, self-destruction, and all forms of societal addictions that currently consume humanity.  I am here to help you heal whatever stands in your way of: knowing your purpose, falling in love with yourself, and holding the life of your dreams in your hands.

Each soul path is uniquely mapped, just like our DNA. I am here to help you navigate your leads, twists and turns, bumpy roads, and ultimately, find your own personal paradise. Self-love is a mastery tool and the key to the universe; letting your light shine from within you is what we all struggle to do. We struggle to see how truly worthy we are, we struggle to see that we deserve much more than we bargain for, and we struggle to cope with how we tend to settle for less. All a vicious cycle diminishing our true worth and distorting our reality from the highest accomplishments we can truly achieve and crave.

We are spiritual beings here to have a human experience, and enjoying such experience can feel like a treacherous job in itself.  This is where I step in and help you find the freedom from the despair, darkness, and shame you hold on to that hinders your success in this game of life. To free your soul, befriend your ego, and shed your entitlement, are the most shared common goals in this realm that we have yet to collectively master. Through each step we take together I will confidently walk by your side to help you achieve the fullest freedom.

One of my most prominent mottos that will forever remain is, “I will never ask someone to do anything I haven’t done myself or wouldn’t do.”  This was a mantra spoken to me and by me throughout the 1st abrupt year of beautiful Kundalini energy releasing throughout and navigating its way to all corners of my being.  It is important to me to uphold this, always, because it stands for everything that I am. As well as encompassing the vast array of successes I have firsthand in healing trauma, financial suffocation and scarcity, childhood and adolescent wounds, addiction, homelessness, and self-hatred and destruction.

If you are here, now, there is no doubt higher consciousness and spirituality are calling to you and it is what you are truly seeking.  Whether it be to heal traumas, bring yourself out of debt, overcome addictions, or maybe even a softer journey of self-reflection and recovery. I am here, ready to help you on this journey into your own success, to work with your Higher Self and guide teams to overcome your most challenging conquests. All obstacles that I have overcame have given me each success that allows me now the ability to help you move through your mountains and heal whatever life has thrown at you.

Whether I am a quick pit stop for guidance along the way or a long-term guide for your day to day, I am happy to work and apply all of my abilities.  Helping you to activate and fully ignite your divine inner light that is within each of us. It is truly a one-of-a-kind adventurous journey each individual has, in the search for their self along their healing journey. I am a guide, a channel, and a future stream, here to help you learn how to read your souls map, understand it better, and travel down your road less traveled. Helping you to find yourself in all of your spiritual fullness, while obtaining the internal grace of higher consciousness.

To help you understand fully that everything we endure is for the benefit of experience and spiritual growth is the true reward. Teaching you how to master healing within yourself, just as we are designed to, and take each step forward into the days of showing up for yourself, is a job of great delight. In showing you the reality of these things, instead of just a possibility, we are then able to show up for the world in a way that serves our highest good, as well as everyone else’s. We are already on our way to creating the true paradigm of love, at the highest possible frequency, and it starts with you. Just like I started with me.

I have vigilantly followed my own written path of healing, on all psychological, spiritual, and physical levels, walking through the darkest depths of purgatory to come out into the light on the other side. There is nothing that is impossible when it comes to healing, and through the obtainment of diamond-like Faith, the unthinkable and unimaginable can be achieved. Walk with me into the unseen, into the depths of your soul, freeing you into prosperity. ????


I am providing all services based off of my own personal accomplishments, set forth for me by the Divine in this lifetime. I am NOT an accredited counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, or a medical professional in any way. I am a holistic healer with experience in various realms of mysticism as well as spiritual and holistic healing.

In my personal opinion, we as humans must obtain a balance of psychological and spiritual help in order to heal healthily and appropriately, and I am here specifically to assist with the spiritual aspect!

The experience and knowledge that I present is channeled through my own Kundalini Rise & Awakening, and multiple spiritual and psychological disciplines that I have successfully been led to and through by my Higher Self, Guides, and Ascended Masters in order to achieve spiritual transmutations of higher realms.

I am not liable for anything and by purchasing my services we both agree to the understanding that you are hiring me based on my personal experience and my ability to channel spiritual realms and beings to aid in your own spiritual journey, NOT to replace previously recommended professional psychological or medical health care.


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