Saving Space for Myself

My journey is profoundly expressive in the means of identifying similarities with others because it is the match that can spark a new trail of healing. In this section of my site I will publish my own journey in writings and auto-writing. I have journeyed to the depths of the sea to learn how to breath under the utmost of intense pressuring, this has freed me from the confines of my psyche. To find this freedom has been enduring in tests of strength, faith, & perseverance and many times I didn’t believe I would make it or I wanted to give up. Walking through the fire with my guides, God, & the universe by my side has been a complete  honor. My twin flame being along my side has been detrimental at times but with the utmost flourishing moments of growth to where we achieve pure Heaven on earth together living out the rest of this physical journey. I share my experience, strength, & hope inviolately and with the agreement that upon you reading this blog you are searching for something I have, to help you heal & grow the self-love that I am most grateful to have & consistently continue growing in myself. Some of my space is traumatic but I try to never be profane, wanting to share only a clean message and releasing all negative energy with beauty. My trauma for the largely has been processed in private within my Kundalini, therefore you will be spared the immature details of my attention seeking times of desperation. For that I am beyond thankful for, to have this space to share where my healing is now is a joy & gift & I hope each one that lays eyes on this can take the beauty from it that each word beholds full of energy and divine calling. I look forward to the future beautiful words I will write to release my own energy into a world of much needed healing & anticipate the day when such communication is universally accepted. Until then remember you are special, not just for coming across my space of story but because you can find the similarities within it.❤️