Saving Space for Myself

My journey is profoundly expressive in the means of identifying similarities with others because it is the match that can spark a new trail of healing. In this section of my site I will publish my own journey in writings and auto-writing. I have journeyed to the depths of the sea to learn how to breath under the utmost of intense pressuring, this has freed me from the confines of my psyche. To find this freedom has been enduring in tests of strength, faith, & perseverance and many times I didn’t believe I would make it or I wanted to give up. Walking through the fire with my guides, God, & the universe by my side has been a complete  honor. My twin flame being along my side has been detrimental at times but with the utmost flourishing moments of growth to where we achieve pure Heaven on earth together living out the rest of this physical journey. I share my experience, strength, & hope inviolately and with the agreement that upon you reading this blog you are searching for something I have, to help you heal & grow the self-love that I am most grateful to have & consistently continue growing in myself. Some of my space is traumatic but I try to never be profane, wanting to share only a clean message and releasing all negative energy with beauty. My trauma for the largely has been processed in private within my Kundalini, therefore you will be spared the immature details of my attention seeking times of desperation. For that I am beyond thankful for, to have this space to share where my healing is now is a joy & gift & I hope each one that lays eyes on this can take the beauty from it that each word beholds full of energy and divine calling. I look forward to the future beautiful words I will write to release my own energy into a world of much needed healing & anticipate the day when such communication is universally accepted. Until then remember you are special, not just for coming across my space of story but because you can find the similarities within it.❤️

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Self-Love is Prosperity & Tips on How to Get There

When I first got this telepathic transmission through my conscious alignment it sounded so beautifully simple yet almost complex. Prosperity, what does that mean? To prosper? To receive riches beyond our wildest dreams? To navigate and circumgate (the gate that connects our souls sphere) allowing us to travel around and into our souls highest potentials? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states “the condition of being successful or thriving.” Thriving is what I have been doing increasingly more so as I have been guidedly  taught what self-love truly is. This blog is meant to provide you with insight on how to achieve such prosperity. There will be remedies of all various kinds written about and portrayed in a light of experience to share the strength and hope that each one has given me. Self love is something we all portray to encompass because we even believe that we have it accomplished, but anything outside of yourself to achieve this is believing a false reality. Now the things you do and accomplish can bring about self love purely but that is your own energy creation that you are admiring. To obtain an outside means for inside fulfillment is feeding a superficial modality, but just like all great things on this journey, this to us a paradox. Our love is manifested within us by our creator and the deep connection we work to harness and obtain. The connection with our creator strengthens and rootens our connection to our own self, because we are made from the creator, and therefore are a piece of the divine. We are just ½ pieces though, ultimately, because the holy union and reunification of twin flames is what makes us 1 whole piece. To reunite on this level is a beautiful and pure form of self love, not just because the other half is you but because loving your other half teaches you how to love yourself. This is a somewhat difficult lesson to learn and understand, that the love you project onto your twin flame must first be turned internally. This blog will have tips, experience, fun loving rituals, poetry, and all things spiritual that come to me in the sit down times of focusing and writing on this subject. If there are any requests of subjects or topics please feel free to me email those and I will surely make it a point to write a post about whatever it may be. Self love is Prosperity. ????

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Connections for the Collective

References, Referrals, & Other Energy Light Crafters… This space is intended for all of the beautiful individuals I have either come in contact with or admire and have followed throughout my journey thus far.  Each individual soul enhances the beauty of connection between all of us. You will find an array of different readers, shops, healers, and other spiritual crafters.  Please use this space to connect openly and freely!  Please also contact each provider individually for any questions on their monetary pricing and energy exchange inquiries. *If you’d like your information for services listed here, please contact me.  Everyone is welcome & will be updated on a monthly or a bi-monthly basis! *READERS* Intuitive – Akashic – Oracle – Vedic – Aura – Art – Astrology HippyPippy Intuitive Reader  “Hi my name is HippyPippy. I am a free spirit who is in touch with my own psychic ability and yours if we connect through the mediums that I use. I love to give readings using my oracle and tarot decks of which I have many different sets for any issue you may want clarification on. I am offering donation or sometimes free readings as I believe I can help people with my intuitive skills. "Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind, be led by the dreams in your heart" this is what I believe in. It's a two-way road so let's walk this road together.” - Pip Sarah Anne Intuitive Reader “In my practice I use tarot as a method of communication, whether that is with specific beings and entities, or with the subtle energies of individual people. These readings are usually general to begin with, to allow space for any messages that may be trying to come through for you, and to allow aspects of your own soul and soul-crew to come in if needed, to relay important information. I am an advocate for the subtle, the forgotten, and the unheard energies, and this is reflected in the information that arises from these readings. All readings will be either typed up or recorded, and will be sent to you by email, along with pictures of the cards and any notes or symbols that may be significant. There will be space held for questions relating to the reading for one week after you receive your tarot reading.” -Sarah Kate Loble Intuitive Tarot Karen Rontowski Intuitive Reader/Teacher/Comedian/Podcaster Marcella Kroll Psychic Medium/Artist/Creator/Performer Jessa Reed Intuitive Reader/Comedian *(If you don’t know who Jessa is then I’d love to know how you even got here.) Jocelynn Carothers Intuitive Reader “Whether you have a direction in mind or need me to find the one you’re looking for, I’ve got a spread with your name on it!” -Jocelynn Phone/text: 267-346-1309 Brittany Porter Akashic Record Reader “Hello! My name is Brittany Porter and I specialize in helping you recognize your gifts, getting you

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