Self-Love is Prosperity & Tips on How to Get There

When I first got this telepathic transmission through my conscious alignment it sounded so beautifully simple yet almost complex. Prosperity, what does that mean? To prosper? To receive riches beyond our wildest dreams? To navigate and circumgate (the gate that connects our souls sphere) allowing us to travel around and into our souls highest potentials? The Merriam-Webster Dictionary states “the condition of being successful or thriving.” Thriving is what I have been doing increasingly more so as I have been guidedly  taught what self-love truly is. This blog is meant to provide you with insight on how to achieve such prosperity. There will be remedies of all various kinds written about and portrayed in a light of experience to share the strength and hope that each one has given me.

Self love is something we all portray to encompass because we even believe that we have it accomplished, but anything outside of yourself to achieve this is believing a false reality. Now the things you do and accomplish can bring about self love purely but that is your own energy creation that you are admiring. To obtain an outside means for inside fulfillment is feeding a superficial modality, but just like all great things on this journey, this to us a paradox.

Our love is manifested within us by our creator and the deep connection we work to harness and obtain. The connection with our creator strengthens and rootens our connection to our own self, because we are made from the creator, and therefore are a piece of the divine. We are just ½ pieces though, ultimately, because the holy union and reunification of twin flames is what makes us 1 whole piece. To reunite on this level is a beautiful and pure form of self love, not just because the other half is you but because loving your other half teaches you how to love yourself. This is a somewhat difficult lesson to learn and understand, that the love you project onto your twin flame must first be turned internally.

This blog will have tips, experience, fun loving rituals, poetry, and all things spiritual that come to me in the sit down times of focusing and writing on this subject. If there are any requests of subjects or topics please feel free to me email those and I will surely make it a point to write a post about whatever it may be.

Self love is Prosperity. ????