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My goal is to give back to you what already belongs to you, but that you have hidden from yourself for the purpose of re-finding on this current reincarnated journey of yours.  Magic and the spiritual realms are already yours to behold, for they are woven into your existence like a complex tapestry, the most intricate and beautiful piece of art you’ll ever experience in each lifetime, is your very own. However, in order to behold what is yours, we must shift and create new paradigms and look at everything as it tends to be, which is a paradox.

Everything we need to uncover is written inside of us, in our soul and heart center, yet the way to harness all of this knowledge is by reaching outside of ourselves for various healing remedies, knowledge, and new and old self-love techniques. Bring the new paradigms to life: first inside you, so as to generate them, and then gift them to others for the rest of society to behold and benefit from.  Leading by example is the best way we can each help to offer one another saving grace – we cannot do this work for one another or have it done for us by another.

This battle is not for the weak of heart or faithless, and the reality is none of us are either of those, no matter how we feel inclined to title ourselves. We all have the strength inside of us to accomplish anything we seek, as long as it aligns in pure intentions and with the collective’s well-being. Let us all become the master of the mysteries that are beheld to each and every one of us, as gifts for the transcending and ascension.

Harnessing our authenticity, so we may fully conserve and cherish our own, and one another’s energy, instead of living in loops society and our own egoic selves have entangled us in.  Self-love is true prosperity!

Gene Key Sequence Reading

$123 (30 minutes)

Choose the Pearl, Activation, or Venus sequence from your Gene Key Hologenetic Profile. Pearl transforms lack into lavish, Activation sequence is all about how to better become your own teacher, and the Venus sheds light on how to make sure love is only fueling your current placement.


Full Gene Key Reading

$369 (1 hour)

This reading consists of your whole Gene Key Hologenetic Profile and encompasses it with a focused based intuitive/channeled reading of how best to activate all sequences successfully within the current cycle of healing and shedding layers that you may be in.  As well as setting a successful pace for future ones to follow.


Past Life Regression

1 session – $250; 2 sessions – $480; 3 sessions – $700 (Up to 2 hours per session)

Here is where we will delve deep into the unconscious to bring about what hinders your awareness and understanding when it comes to some next steps in healing.  Uncovering previous lineages, traumas un-healed, and bondages to break.  There is also plenty of beauty to uncover in these sessions as well, connections to the deep conscious uncovering, Gods and Goddesses alike, and galactic experiences and ties. Keep in mind that each session allows us to go deeper than the one before.


Full Package of Services


Let’s connect on all of the levels! For anyone wanting to work all offerings this package includes everything I have to offer scheduled at our scheduled pace. Includes 1hr Intuitive/Channeled Reading, 1 Akashic, 1 Oracle, 1 Full Gene Key, 1 Channeled Poem, & 3 Past Life Regression Sessions.


Akashic Record

$230 (1 hour)

Tap into past, present, and potentially future lives as I read from the Akashic Records: the summation of the past, present, and future of all of your existences. Bring your own questions to the session, ideally seven, but that is ultimately up to you.


Intuitive/Channeled Tarot

$130 (1 hour)

Just as it’s titled, I will intuitively connect with your higher self, guides, & channel any other beings connected to you, aiming to help you on your journey of healing & rediscovery.  They always tend to come out in poetry, spell & ritual language, and the most recent description, and my favorite, is scripture; bonus for me & you, have a paper & pen on hand! I’ve found people like to meditate on them following the session.


Twin Flame Intuitive Tarot

$260 (1½ hours,  up to 2 hours)

Same technique, but with double the trouble! This tarot reading usually takes just over 90 minutes.


Intuitive/Channeled Tarot

$65 (30 minutes)

Same technique, but with a smaller spread and shorter amount of time.


Oracle Read Story

$45 (30 minutes)

Quick trip to figure out how to get you where you want to be and what aids you, protects you, defies you, and defends you.


Channeled Poetry/Poem


A guided poem directly catered to you to meditate on. For those that don’t want a reading, or have already had one, but want some simple direction for what is to come next.


Emergency Read/Consult


Speaks for itself. This consultation is for those in immediate need during an existential, internal, or any other kind of crisis. I will do my best to become immediately available for any or all services needed to help you overcome.


Mystic Psychology

$300 (intuitive read included)

My job is to trigger the healing process to open space for your soul integration. Breaking free from the mold this lifetime has stuck you in; realizing all of your dreams, seen and unseen; grasping your ultimate potential and unlocking as many mysteries as you seek to. Follow up sessions are $150 per hour.


12 Step Remedy For All


Get down and dirty with your soul! All you need is your energy! I will guide you through the gut-wrenching and soul digging dirty work you will perform to obtain a deep level of spiritual awakening. I do accept and greatly appreciate any and all donations that go to publish new 12 Step literature for the collective and society as a whole. You will find through experience that the 12 Step Remedy – For All, is the purest form of energy exchange we can offer one another. Please feel free to give what you feel they are worth to you as you go along and work them through to completion.

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Free consultation to discuss our possibilities. Prices are based on client needs and their own ability to express honestly what they would like to pay and can afford. Each session will be a sliding rate based upon approved negotiations by both of us and my own availability. Healing is a priceless venture and everyone is entitled to be able to work on their healing, and enjoy as much success as they are willing to put in the effort. Each option is available and meant to be catered to your human design needs.


Gift a Reading

Everyone loves gifts – it’s a beautiful way to spread and increase a higher vibrational energy. Gifts are never just a one-sided deal when it comes to energy: giving and receiving are a beautiful duality to share with one another.


* Zoom recordings are available for all readings & will be sent following each reading.
* Photos of spreads & anything else writtenly channeled during readings will be sent through email.
* Payments are currently processed through PayPal or Venmo.
* I do suggest a single round of the 12 Step Remedy before any of my paid services, after all that is monetarily free.


Please email me for a cancellation request, refunds will be issued. If an appointment is missed by you, please email me and we will reschedule, refunds will not be issued for no-call, no-answer, no-shows. I also have the right to postpone or cancel any session scheduled, should this circumstance arise, a refund will be at your discretion to request otherwise you will automatically be requested to reschedule at a more convenient date and time.


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