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Here is where I would like to touch on one of the primal and beautiful tasks I have been sent here to do, and that is to teach all that are willing how to “get down and dirty with your soul.” One of the most incredible tasks I am faced with is to teach others how to utilize the 12 Step Remedy and release this modality from the stigma that currently encases it. I offer the 12 Steps to anyone with the willingness to try them, who seek the spiritual awakenings they offer to each and every soul alike. They are a divine tool gifted to us in times of reactive desperation. They represent the proactive prevention of self-destruction, and are an invaluable tool for anyone seeking another level of spiritual awakening. They are the gift of guidance that we all claim we’ve never seen or that has yet to be given to us. However, society as a whole cannot yet comprehend why such a priceless gift would first be given to the lowest of the low (the alcoholics, the drug addicts, and so forth). But I can tell you why: it’s because these people are the humblest and have learned humility first hand.

The ego does its best to prevent us from recognizing these necessary principles as ones to truly live by, and instead exerts its control over every aspect of our life.  Don’t misconstrue this though – the ego is not a bad part of any of us, for no part is, but just like everything else, we have to learn how to harness it as the tool it is built to be instead of handing it the wheel.  The number 12 is prominent in spirituality, so it is no surprise it figures so centrally in the 12 Steps.  There are 12 astrological signs, and each one aligns with one of the steps. There are also 12 disciples that followed Jesus in his job as Christ, and each one aligns with a step as well. Then there is the beautiful sacred geometry which is grounded in the number 12 with the Flower of Life-giving birth to the rest of the universes encoding and symbology. All of these systems symbolize 12 encompassing 1, which ultimately equals 13. The 12 is our job to complete and the 1 is for the creator, God, the All, the Divine Master, however it be that you choose to express your Higher Power. We are each a sparkling thread woven into the universe, the world, and this existence, in order to experience life, healing, and mastery within our own hands. This indicates that the coming together of all 12 elements to work in a harmonious flow is how we receive the achievements of spiritual awakenings and how we can go about rendering all that is unconscious conscious. Tearing down the old systems of programming that we have been hardwired to function by, day in and day out.  The generational hardwiring, the societal hardwiring, the religious, the relationships – all of it.

The 12 Step Remedy is a method to rewire our human motherboard to achieve our spiritual, authentic selves and highest potentials, so that we can then shift more and more into complete alignment with our Chakras, our Higher Self, and the Divine light within each one of us. The 12 Steps are always free and meant to be that way, forever and infinity, they are truly the purest form of divine light energy exchange.  To charge, barter, or prosper off them in anyway outside of the souls’ investment would be to disintegrate there meaning, purpose, and success. Anyone can be a sponsor in taking others through the 12 Steps, the only requirement is that they themselves first successfully complete at least 1 round themselves with their own sponsor.

Donations for this universal task are appreciated and accepted by individuals going through the steps and guiding others through them; this is to publish new universal literature that is being worked on. This effort will involve time as well as various foreseeable fees such as self-publishing, an independent website, meeting platforms, etc. Donations are given so that we can continue to give back what has been so freely given to us within this 12 Step Remedy – a program for all.

Who is Addicted to Suffering?

We’ve heard the terminology addict and many of us dismay it, yet it is what we all obtain the likeness of being.  Each addiction varying between us, yet they are each the same.  Raising our vibration to a higher level and acknowledging defeat of our egoic & humanistic selves will bring about the transmutation aspired by our higher selves.

As a human race we are chronologically addicted to our own suffering.  Suffering of various forms all throughout our psyche & physicality.  Emotionally, mentally, and spiritually we are at the mercy of our unconscious suffering that has been ingrained and patternized into our genes through multiple lifetimes & generational lineages.  Suffering is the true definitions of insanity, and how we develop  the loops we find our lives to be entangled in.

Everyone is addicted to suffering in some form or concept whether it be latent forms of codependency, societal conformation, a simple spiritual deficiency, or lack of manifestation.  Some of us suffer to further extremes than others, we should never allow this noticeability to dismay us, for the extremities of suffering being brought into the light shine that light on unseen suffering similarities for those in the less extreme.  While the less extreme provide hope, admiration, belief, & fear to overcome and transform within ourselves into self-love.

Focusing on the similarities and not the differences are what helps each one of us hold onto and pursue the ability of healing and aligning with our highest selves.  To  focus on the differences separates us & restrains us in our own egoic state limiting our connection with the collective as a whole.  We ask that the focuses and perspective of each individual’s mind find the similarities to enable the sharing of each of our experiences, strength, & hope to grasp the divine healing we are truly granted.

What Is The 12 Step Remedy?

The 12 Step Remedy – For All is a space of peace & fellowship among like minded healers seeking spiritual awakenings and reform from the conformities that societies and generational traumas have instilled in our current states of being.  We strive for the best in our necessary alignment and this change of life offers healing on all levels of our existence.  We leave no stone unturned, no truth untold, & no mirror veil un-revealed.

We seek for a higher good within ourselves to fulfill ourselves and meet the God piece inside of us that we were created to spark and behold. The trials and tribulations we experience small and large are to be told and shared amongst each other in purity and prevalence of integrity. This shares our experience, strength, & hope with the mindset of our own failures and successes being what will attribute to each other’s further successes. The failures spark the hope and assurance of constant growth and reiterating the journey of life is to be walked through, every single part, and therefore those failures will result in their own success journeys.

We venture down this road for conclusion to each life story we choose to live in which is multiples and in variations throughout each lifetime. This journey we walk is never ending and what the 12 Step Remedy does is help us to achieve completion in each of these journeys in alignment with our highest selves. These 12 Steps can be considered the guide book to life and how to live it in the spiritual plain while in a physical embodiment. They are a gift to all man kind to be utilized for each at the appropriate times, not all ascend at once or at the same time so have patience with one another and most importantly yourselves. The spiritual principles you will learn to live by and develop will bring you to a higher and higher vibration, releasing the lowers with more and more ease. Like a trapeze and it’s artist you will eventually become one, with no fear, and only faith that your line will catch yourself every time.

How This Works?

To achieve such transformation and transmutation we want to firstly lay out the 3 main spiritual principles pristine to this, & those spell out this HOW.  HOW we achieve what we seek; by Honesty, Open-mindedness, & Willingness.

The honesty speaks to our integrity and casting aside all fears of shame, discord, upset, guilt, & negative manifestations. This is a tall accord to call on, especially in the beginning, honesty when we face recourse is extremely hard, but it is in those hardest of the moments that we gain the most ground & leap up the spiral staircase of our own compound, closer and closer to freedom. Utilizing faith over fear and understanding even in the event of recourse we can manifest and are aligning with greater things before us then living a lie or deceit.

Open mindedness is primitive in its prevalence for we are meant to gain a greater mind span but it is within ourselves that we are limited to such lengths. Taking suggestions, constantly trying what we hear works for others opens our mind to clarify more and more and helps us truly adapt to what works for us. Though one suggestion may not work for us as it had for someone else taking that suggestion in good intention of healing is the doorway we must open to continue connecting to our own path. Even if we result in feeling such a  lack of result for ourselves we still obtain a higher vibrational and positive response from within ourselves, always gaining goodness and transpiring forward.

Willingness is the 3rd of this beautiful anagram & it requires sharp tenacity because one thing we lack is the constant willingness to achieve things for ourselves. We constantly seek outside validation and the willingness in this such manner is to transmute that craving from outer invalidation to inner true validation. We all have outside paradoxes that push us to seek change, allow them to enter so you may eventually release them upon finding your own self-worth; and that willingness then will become for your own self-love.

To heal is a paradox so filled with beauty and so simple to understand but complex for our mind to firstly figure out. Our journey is a constant internal journey where we must always turn inward and find and meet ourselves where we are at, yet to accomplish this fully we must look outside of ourselves by reaching out and being honest, open minded, and willing. Sharing where we are in that moment helps us and others to achieve that. Sharing our experience, strength, & hope even more so helps us all gain higher levels of the same ground. We do not preach or judge or instruct others of how they should proceed upon their journey we offer each individually our own experience and stories. Suggestions transpire and are passed on from member to member to be universally tried. We take what we need & leave the rest & then when we come back some time later we give back what worked so well for us & leave it to pick up more of where we would now currently be at. It is a never ending flourishing cycle, even once we walk free of the compound we have built internally around ourselves we continue to achieve new heights and new freedoms in spiritual experiences and awakenings. Constantly giving back what has been so freely given to us we always remain equals and one in this collective harmony.

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